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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Insert title here later

So I've been told that my previous post has gone down in the annals of blog-crappiness. In an attempt to spice things up (and because I've been dying to blog about this and have finally thrown the customary caution to the wind), I shall now give my readers (all five of them) some dirt on my London reunion with the sexy Palestinian.

First, the backgrounder: The Palestinian and I had a super-sexy 8-month fling, soon after my break up with the Ex-boyfriend. Despite the length of the alliance, I was always under the impression that it meant little to either party and came with an expiry date of 1st Jan 2006, which is when I was due to return home. But there remained a running joke: that he and I would rekindle the fires of our passion when I went back for the graduation.

Anyway, so off I went to London, filled with hopes of much fun and frolick-ment. I admit that the Palestinian was (and still is) having major issues, and is emotionally vulnerable. Yet, he is a 28-year-old with a colourful relationship history, checkered with many a one-night-stand. Hardly a recipe for emotional neediness, right? Wrong. Shortly after we met with each other, things started heating up. Just when I thought I was about to strike gold, he stopped abruptly: "You make me feel like a cheap male slut."
Me: Whaaa..?
Him: You don't care about my feelings, or my problems. You want to use me and leave me.
Me (still recovering from the shock, and trying to muster as much sincerity as is possible): No, I do care about you..really..
Him: This is the problem with you 21st century women, you don't think we have feelings.
Me: But..but..don't guys like girls who don't get attached?
Him: Don't you understand..we were in a relationship!
Me: We were...?

And so on and so forth. The conversation went on for three hours, and no I did not get lucky. He asked me if I ever loved him, what the relationship meant to me, and accused me of abandoning him. I kid you not.

I have heard several such stories, where men have suddenly, and inexplicably, started behaving like women. So I have a theory: that as we hurtle into the next century, gender roles are undergoing a complete transformation. As women become independent, sexually assertive and emotionally unattached, men are beginning to feel threatened. They don't quite know how to deal with this new woman who asks for little commitment, is happy to hook-up and basically behaves like the female equivalent of the alpha male. Male egos bruise easily, and nothing can do the job quicker than a woman who walks out the morning after without a second look or a phone call. The end result being that men start asking for an emotional commitment.

Any takers? It's either that or that I'm a mega-bitch.


  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger Egghead said…

    what really would be funny was if your name was Megha. Then you could be a Megha-bitch.

  • At 4:07 AM, Blogger Nirav said…

    He hee.. the world sure is changing and you are dot on when you say the dynamics of men-women relationships are going through a major overhaul !

    Check this link out,,17909-2369094,00.html

    And also this blog (be warned its anti-feminist !)

    You'll see echoes of you thoughts...

  • At 7:45 PM, Blogger hedonistic hobo said…

    maybe not megabitch, just a deaf one. obvious communication gap here, no make that a chasm.
    o dear, he doesn't have a country, doesn't have a girlfriend.....i will burn in hell for that one!

  • At 1:18 AM, Blogger fivefeetzero said…

    hahaha. i hate myself for laughing, but it's still pretty funny everytime someone cracks it. anyway, about the communication chasm - doesn't fit. nowhere during our 8-month fling was there ever any talk of commitment or of it being anything more than a casual affair. we both knew that it was the amazing physical chemistry that kept us together for even that long, and he wasn't particularly heartbroken when i left. so when he started going about me 'abandoning him' it made absolutely no sense. still stand by my original stance :)


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